Hi, I’m Ethan.

Welcome, fellow traveler.

There’s a saying that I’ve read a few times to the effect of: if you want to write well, you must be willing to write badly.

Ethan with beverages
Traveling light

This site owes its existence to three key facts:

  1. I have thoughts sometimes.
  2. I’m not witty nor disciplined enough do good Twitter.
  3. I shrewdly purchased ethanalter.com in 2010 before any of the other Ethan Alters out there could stake their claim. If you’re an Ethan Alter, sorry.

After 10 long years of defensively paying GoDaddy domain fees, I’ve decided to use this plot of Internet to craft my masterpiece (…it’s a work in progress).

Self description has always been agony for me (to write and to read), so for our collective sake, I’ll be brief:

I’ve been tremendously lucky. I think a lot about uncertainty, intuition, and attention. I think that writing is a kind of thinking, and there are buried ideas I’d like to discover that may be best unearthed by writing, even if it’s not great. I have a not-so-unique desire to be useful, and it is my hope that you, fellow traveler, find something of use to you here.

If it would be useful to you to know more, I invite you to check the About the Author page of this site and/or my LinkedIn page.

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